Lilach from Gil-Paz Recommends (via Zap)

On September 8, 2016, I contacted Maimon from Kodesh Net and requested that he come to the nursing care ward at the Gil Paz retirement facility in Kfar Saba, to check the mezuzahs and handle any replacements if necessary. Maimon arrived on Sunday, sat patiently and checked every mezuzah (15 units), replacing the damaged ones and putting up the new mezuzahs. Maimon is a wonderful man with excellent service awareness and manners. He provided answers to every question with great patience. His prices are inexpensive but the service he provides in return is at an extremely high level. I will definitely continue to exclusively order his services.
Keep up the fine work and I hope that other professionals will learn from you!!!!

Adi Canaan Recommends (via Facebook)

Thank you for the gorgeous tefillin and tallit set, and of course for the in-depth explanation and wonderful service! Rotem was very moved (as was I) by the explanation about the structure of the tefillin and the scrolls inside. It was captivating to see how the tradition of the Jewish scribes has been preserved over the years and enhanced by new technology. Maimon Shushan from Kodesh Net – thank you!

Noga from AWIS – The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers (via Facebook)

Dear Maimon Shushan, I would like to thank you on behalf of AWIS for the 16 tefillin sets that we purchased for the soldiers. The quality was excellent, your service courteous and pleasant, and you supplied them very quickly. I have no doubt that the soldiers are pleased and very happy with this purchase.

Keep up the good work and thank you for cooperating with us!

Sincerely, Noga Golan

Get Taxi Recommends (via Zap)

I purchased about 60 mezuzahs for Get Taxi. Maimon, the scribe who wrote the mezuzahs, came to our office and put up the mezuzahs himself in a professional, courteous way.

Excellent, recommended service. The options of paying by credit card, cash or check are very convenient.

Ruti Recommends (via Zap)

I was interested in purchasing 5 mezuzahs, and I called Kodesh Net. Rabbi Maimon, the scribe and owner, answered my many questions courteously and patiently. After the discussion, I decided to come to the business and personally purchase the mezuzahs. Rabbi Maimon is a modest, patient man and his prices are good and fair. The service was excellent.

I warmly recommend him.

Molly from Jerusalem Recommends (via Zap)

The prices are very reasonable in comparison with the competitors. The service is very courteous and efficient. The delivery was fast and I received everything I ordered to my satisfaction. In addition, the Kodesh Net website is very user-friendly. Everything is clearly presented and you can see exactly what you are ordering, what is in stock and what is not.

Assaf Recommends (via Zap)

I was interested in purchasing two mezuzahs. I called Kodesh Net and received wonderful service. Within two hours, I came and picked up the mezuzahs.

The store owner was very courteous, explained everything and even gave me the blessing for putting up the mezuzah for no additional cost.

The price is very fair and the service is great. I warmly recommend; keep up the good work.

Daphne Recommends (via Zap)

It is so great that it’s possible to purchase a mezuzah in this way – to easily pick it out online, to receive courteous and pleasant service over the phone, and to receive the beautiful mezuzah exactly as promised via a messenger straight to my house, all for a price that was significantly lower than the stores. The owner is the scribe and he personally answers the phone and answers every question so courteously. I warmly recommend.